RENAULT R5 1983 $54,000

Unknown Coupe

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Body Style:
4-cylinder, 1.8L DOHC SFI 16-valve Vvt-i I4 Engine
Automatic 5-speed
130,100 mi
Ext Color:

The car has been exceptionally well maintained and carefully stored. , Present is a large and complete selection of maintenance bills, receipts, paperwork and MoTs. Infact all invoices and paper work pertaining to this car from new are present including the purchase receipt., , The engine upgrade in 2011 -this increased the factory power from 160bhp to 270bhp. This upgrade is approved and identical to that carried out by Renault Paris and uses the same parts., , The car has been exceptionally well maintained and never raced. It is in excellent condition inside and out. A recent comprehensive service from a Renault specialist ensures perfect health., It is becoming increasingly rare to find these Group B specials in this condition and with low mileage,, , I have also original extras separately (bumpers, headlights, wheels, hood, all the inside)., If you are curious may give it a try.

  • 3 Door

Contact details
rodrigo m, MO Phone & Location
Milan, Missouri 63556
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RENAULT R5 Unknown Review

Tired of public transport and endless walking? Want to spend less time commuting and more time with your family and friends? RENAULT R5 – is the answer! This car will make your life much easier and more comfortable and you are sure to fall in love with it from the first sight.

Common Information

RENAULT is a well-known around the world automobile maker, producing excellent quality vehicles. The company constantly improves the design of its cars. The global sales of RENAULT are rising all the time and have already reached an impressive number of late. The company participates in world rallies and motorsport events.

This RENAULT R5 meets all the requirements of the consumers who like reliability, as well as lusciousness. Within the production stages, the model has been changed for the better owing to the smart engineering solutions and designers of RENAULT sharing their ideas to embody them in such a gimmick.

This sleek and compact model was manufactured in 1983 and has been in demand ever since. Following its release date RENAULT R5 has acquired popularity and respect and has been sold in many countries of the world. You can purchase this car very simply by ordering it and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

You should remember that a body style plays a crucial role in a car purchase. It defines the “filling” of an automobile and usually counts for your first impressions which are considered to be the strongest ones. The body style of this vehicle is Coupe, which is definitely useful, comfortable and attractive.

The exterior color of the RENAULT R5 is Vermelho, which is an eye-catching, vivid, but not too bright a shade. The vehicle of this color is sure to become a real envy to your colleagues, relatives, or anybody partial to this model. The Vermelho will invigorate the outside of your car.

Would you like your car to look more personal and different? RENAULT R5 Unknown does just that. Many little details are in perfect harmony with the interior and exterior colors and are an integral part of the design. This beautiful vehicle will be ideal for you to drive!

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The best motor for this vehicle is a 4-cylinder, 1.8L DOHC SFI 16-valve Vvt-i I4 Engine, which is rather powerful and efficient. You will able to rely on it completely and conquer different types of roads in any weather. So, this RENAULT R5 will definitely draw your attention and will make you want to purchase this vehicle.

The Automatic 5-speed transmission of the present model provides a controlled application of the automobile’s power with no costs on drivers’ nerves. With the help of this transmission the gears can be changed without much ceremony when the vehicle is in motion and quite a good speed can be reached.

You can count the running costs of this vehicle beforehand, because it needs Gasoline and that, in its turn, stands for efficiency and power. With this type of engines the greater economy of petrol can be reached. Your car won`t make you face any break-downs and you will be satisfied with your new purchase.

Personal Data

Our reliable RENAULT R5 has travelled about 130100. However, we assure you that this vehicle is in perfect condition and is ready to cover a great number of miles in the future. Besides, the price offered will leave you in no doubt about buying this RENAULT R5 1983.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17-digit number, which can be found inside the passenger compartment on the windshield. It stands for the manufacturer of the car, weight of the vehicle, trim, engine power, year of release, assembly, and a manufacturing number. The VIN for this particular model is .


Thus, RENAULT R5, this perfect style car, is waiting for your decision. Though we are sure it will be absolutely positive! The automobile we’ve examined is required on any type of city streets, when it’s raining and snowing and when the sun is shining – everywhere for everybody whenever you like it!