Porsche 911 1984 $33,000

LS Extended Cab 2WD Sports Car

Porsche 911 1984 Photos

Body Style:
Sports Car
Automatic 5-speed
89,152 mi
Ext Color:

1984 Porsche Carrera-911, no accidents, owner has had it for over 12 years, low miles of only 89k! Many customizations and $10,000-$15,000 in upgrades to the vehicle , , Upgrades include:, 1) Turbo-look 930 upgrade with stainless steel kit + Whale-tail + Porsche 959 front spoiler, steps, and side vents + large rear bumper ($5000), 2) Sway bar installed. Car is lowered. , 3) Roller bar install ($700), 4) Carpet and leather seats re-upholstered., 5) Engine computer chip replaced with Performance chip, 6) Air conditioner compressor and upgraded to a newer type R134a, 7) Major stereo system upgraded to Pioneer AVIC system with 7" screen, voiced activated, GPS, DVD, MP3 player, rear-view camera, TV tuner, 12-disc CD changer, 13 speakers with 1000W Hi-phonics 6 channel Amp with Subwoofer + Capacitor., 8) VIPER alarm system with motion sensor and remote alarm , 9) HID-like front headlight upgraded., 10) Larger wheels/tire (8" front and 9" rear) with spacer, the Fuch rims are chrome-plated , 11) Aluminum kit for door handles, gauges, and pedals., 12) 930 wheel , 12) Wind-breaker and custom-made car cover, , We are open Tues-Sat: 10am-7pm and Sun: 10am-4pm, come visit us for a test drive today!, Our Contact info is:, Bruce's Auto, 9770 Carroll Centre Rd. Ste B., (behind ARCO Gas Station between the corner of Black Mountain Rd. and Carroll Centre Rd.), San Diego, CA 92126, Office: (858)530-2782, Toll Free: 877-222-9516,

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Porsche 911 LS Extended Cab 2WD Review

Are you looking for a high quality, durable and reliable car? In that case you can consider Porsche 911. This model is your best bet, if you opt for action and speed, but at the same time for safety and convenience. Do you need a good vehicle and a pleasant companion for your trips? Then look at the specifications of Porsche 911.

Common Information

First of all, you should know that Porsche is a well-known automaker, one of the largest and most prestigious makers in the world, which manufactures not only cars, but also trucks, vans, coaches, tractors etc. The vehicles of this company are very popular and usually break sale records in many countries.

Flawless design, advanced technologies, spacious passenger compartment, large cargo space, and excellent maneuverability – these are the characteristics of Porsche 911 that make it one of the most successful models in the line. The elegant design of this car will, undoubtedly, be pleasing to the eye of everyone and, first of all, the owner.

The manufacturing of Porsche 911 took place in 1984. The model was created in view of previous work and after a series of technical lab and field tests. The Porsche 911 stands out due to its reliability, good quality, excellent design and elegant look. It will become a reliable companion in all your journeys.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

According to the body style Porsche 911 model is a Sports Car that looks elegant, harmonious and solid, and has a convenient configuration. Sports Car has always been one of the most common and called-for body styles, which provides a good driving experience, as well as enough room for storage.

Usually lighter colors provide a cleaner and fresher look; darker colors suggest a more sophisticated and elegant air to your car. The exterior of this car will please you with a beautiful Black color. If you opt for this shade, it will definitely suit your social status, lifestyle and taste.

This Porsche 911 LS Extended Cab 2WD is an optimum combination of technology and design. New materials, original colors of the seats and trimming of doors conform to the modern traditions of car design. In this good quality car you will feel like a different person and you will be able to travel as far as you want.

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The model comes equipped with an 4-cylinder. This type of engines is rather powerful and can gather high speed without much delay. The 4-cylinder in Porsche 911 achieves great rates of efficiency and can`t help being a pleasure to the owner. From now on you will definitely reach all your destinations on time.

This great car is easy to drive as it is supplied with a Automatic 5-speed transmission, which allows for good speed and quick acceleration. No matter where you are – on a highway or on a cross-country road, no matter what weather conditions are like, this vehicle is a pleasure to drive.

Depending on the engine your car is equipped with, you should always use suitable fuel. This car consumes Gasoline. It should be noted that this type of fuel is quite economic and eco-friendly. No matter what you use, though, your car will run smoothly and you will enjoy your drives to the full.

Personal Data

This Porsche 911 has so far covered 89152. Though, you can be absolutely sure that this car is in good enough condition to travel many more miles. The price we offer you will definitely make up for everything and will leave you in no doubt about purchasing this automobile.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17-digit number, which can be found inside the passenger compartment on the windshield. It stands for the manufacturer of the car, weight of the vehicle, trim, engine power, year of release, assembly, and a manufacturing number. The VIN for this particular model is WP0ZZZ91ZES150410.


Porsche 911 is a car of power, action and energy. This automobile is ready to show off its compact design, fascinating shape and smooth lines. The harmonious synthesis of beauty and functionality is not a simply a product of your imagination. This car is truly comfortable, spacious and safe!