Peugeot 504 1978 $5,500

King Ranch Pickup 4D 8 Ft Wagon

Peugeot 504 1978 Photos

Body Style:
6-cylinder, 2.7L V6
99,250 mi
Ext Color:

1978 Peugeot 504D, , , , Here is a nice 1 Owner 504D Peugeot Wagon that has low original miles. , , , , Check out my store for more great Unique and Classic Cars., , Make sure and check out the Video below., , , This car runs great. I just love these diesel Peugeots. They run great and a super reliable. This one being a 1 Owner and having 99K Original Miles makes this one no exception. You won't find another one like this. It is cold blooded and the first time you start it does take a second to start but after that it runs like a champ. These cars were very well built and are just as reliable as the Mercedes Wagons. This car is as clean and dry as can be under the hood and under carriage. , , , The exterior of this car is in good condition but does need some work. It does have a dent in the front as you can see. There is some damage on the front and the front drivers fender. Other then that this car looks great. It is white in color and the paint still has a very nice shine to it. All of the chrome is in great shape and it even has the chrome luggage rack on top. There are a couple pieces of trim missing but that is about it. I just love the look of these cars. This is such a nice car that I was very hard pressed not to fix it. You just don't see them like this anymore., , , , Options:, , Automatic Transmission, , Diesel Engine, , Factory A/C, , , , , The interior is just amazing in this car. It has the leather seats that are in near perfect condition. The front seats show almost no wear and don't have any rips or tears in them anywhere. The back seats you can't even tell have been sat in before. The carpets are in the same great shape. When you look at the door panels, headliner, dash you can just tell that this is a 1 Owner Car that someone cared for and probably kept in a garage most of it's life. One of my favorite things about this car is the wood in the back. It has the custom wood paneling on the floor in the back and has the same going up the back of the back seats so when you lay the back seats flat everything matches. Make sure to look at this in the pictures. No other cars have something like this. , , , This car is just a rare beauty that you won't find another one of. This are great cars that are super reliable and can run forever. , , , , I took pictures of every detail of this car so you can get the full picture and know exactly what you are getting. If there is any other questions or any other pictures you would like please let us know., , , Call anytime with questions…. Nathan 406-544-6919, , , Current Mileage: 99,250

  • 4 Door
  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Luggage Rack
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bucket Seats
  • AM/FM Radio

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Peugeot 504 King Ranch Pickup 4D 8 Ft Review

Are you looking for a high quality, durable and reliable car? In that case you can consider Peugeot 504. This model is your best bet, if you opt for action and speed, but at the same time for safety and convenience. Do you need a good vehicle and a pleasant companion for your trips? Then look at the specifications of Peugeot 504.

Common Information

To begin with, we would like to remind you that Peugeot is a brand of good quality utility vehicles, minivans, and automobiles marketed and manufactured all over the world. The company has an excellent reputation and is constantly trying something new in its production process to withstand the fierce competition.

504 is an elegant vehicle, which offers not only classic design, but also excellent proportions and roominess of its compartments. 504 is an embodiment of reliability, comfort, efficiency and a masterpiece of modern technology. This model has been destined to become one of the best in its range.

Since its first debut on the car market this model has been highly praised by its buyers. It has received a number of special awards for the safety it provides, for the best engine and for its good appearance. This Peugeot 504 offered to you was manufactured in 1978.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

This magnificent car is a classic example of a Wagon, which is comfortable, quite spacious and has some compartments for storage. This model is of a lighter weight and provides much better fuel efficiency in comparison to its counterparts. You are sure to benefit from choosing a Wagon.

The Peugeot 504 is available in White, which is rather a universal color liked by many people. This shade is sure to accentuate your good taste, your elegant lifestyle and your social standing. The White is not too bright, it doesn`t irritate the eyes and goes well with the car`s interior.

The Peugeot 504 King Ranch Pickup 4D 8 Ft is designed to be pleasing to the customers’ eyes. The finishing touches of the inside compartments give confidence to anybody driving this car. The shape, design, the colors of the exterior and interior contribute greatly to the automobile`s elegant image. This vehicle is a real pleasure to own!

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The reliable and efficient 6-cylinder, 2.7L V6 engine of this model will not only help you to enjoy driving this car, but will also give you feelings of power and freedom. The makers of this car tried to meet the needs of their customers and chose the best possible engine for this particular vehicle.

This great car is easy to drive as it is supplied with a Automatic transmission, which allows for good speed and quick acceleration. No matter where you are – on a highway or on a cross-country road, no matter what weather conditions are like, this vehicle is a pleasure to drive.

Depending on the engine your car is equipped with, you should always use suitable fuel. This car consumes Diesel. It should be noted that this type of fuel is quite economic and eco-friendly. No matter what you use, though, your car will run smoothly and you will enjoy your drives to the full.

Personal Data

This elegant and reliable automobile has covered 99250 and it is in a good working condition and can serve you and your family in faith and truth for a long time. The price for this Peugeot 504 is rather reasonable and won`t leave in any doubt about purchasing this car.

VIN is a special number used for identifying different motor vehicles. There are some standard components of the vehicle identification number – first numbers identify the manufacturer, the numbers that go next identify the type of the vehicle, the platform, the body style. The VIN of this car is 1978197819781.


Thus, Peugeot 504 is a personification of its famous maker. It combines the highest achievements of engineering thought and technology and can easily be called a safe, comfortable and reliable vehicle that has everything you might need from a car. Make up your mind and choose this flagship model!