Lotus Unspecified 2013 $29,995

Viper Killer Other

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Body Style:
4-cylinder, 1.8 Liter 122hp I-4
Automatic 5-speed
-1 mi
Ext Color:
Calypso Red

Rare 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo Special Edition #45 with Certificate of Provenance from Lotus Corporation (see photo). This is 1 of only 50 Special Edition Turbo Esprits manufactured in 1983 for Lotus Investors with a retail price of $65,000. The cars were numbered 00-49. This example has a clear Carfax report as well. Repainted in original color Calypso Red L-42 in 1997. Of the 50 Special Editions only 8 of them came off the assembly line in Calypso Red. Has 39,000 original miles. Garage kept and pampered. Superb body and paint, no scratches, dents, or rust. High grade black leather interior (exclusive to the Special Edition package) is in very good to excellent condition. Mid-mounted Lotus Type 910 16-Value DOHC Turbocharged 2.2 Liter Engine, 4 cylinders, 5-speed manual transmission, 2x2 barrel carburettors, and Catalyst equipped. Engine runs very well and has fantastic acceleration and speed. Alpine Stereo CD Shuffle. Exclusive 1983 Lotus Esprit Turbo Special Edition features: removable tinted glass roof panel, with cover for stowage behind the engine (a feature not available on standard production Turbos until 1985); individually blueprinted and optimized engine; individually tested and matched suspension ride control units; air conditioning; comprehensive security system; hallmarked English silver plaque on the steering wheel, personally engraved for the driver; individually hand sign-written Special Edition insignia and build number on drivers door (Special Edition 45 insignia and Esprit Turbo logo and stripes were not replaced after painting, but replacements are available). Please call the Rosner Used Car SuperCenter for more details or visit for more pictures.

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Lotus Unspecified Viper Killer Review

We all know that before choosing a car that is right for you, the best thing is to check its specifications, see if all of them satisfy your requirements and whether the pros outweigh the cons. Undoubtedly, Lotus Unspecified will draw your attention by its fine characteristics and beautiful shape.

Common Information

To begin with, we would like to remind you that Lotus is a brand of good quality utility vehicles, minivans, and automobiles marketed and manufactured all over the world. The company has an excellent reputation and is constantly trying something new in its production process to withstand the fierce competition.

Flawless design, advanced technologies, spacious passenger compartment, large cargo space, and excellent maneuverability – these are the characteristics of Lotus Unspecified that make it one of the most successful models in the line. The elegant design of this car will, undoubtedly, be pleasing to the eye of everyone and, first of all, the owner.

This car was produced in 2013. Soon after its introduction it became one of the most selling vehicles in the world owing to its reliability, powerful engine, safety, pleasing appearance, technical specifications, trim etc. Stop hesitating and take this car for a test drive to make sure it is as good as we are describing!

Body Styles And Trim Levels

This Other is a good passenger car, which incorporates cargo space with passenger space and features folding seats to ensure flexibility in this space. You can be sure that nothing and no one will be left behind, if you own this vehicle. You will be able to squeeze in all your family and their belongings.

Usually lighter colors provide a cleaner and fresher look; darker colors suggest a more sophisticated and elegant air to your car. The exterior of this car will please you with a beautiful Calypso Red color. If you opt for this shade, it will definitely suit your social status, lifestyle and taste.

This Lotus Unspecified Viper Killer has been designed with elegant simplicity. The only word you may say after a glance at this car is “Wow!” You will be totally impressed and surprised owing to the thought-out design of this automobile and durability and efficiency it provides. Lotus Unspecified Viper Killer is exactly what you need!

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The best motor for this vehicle is a 4-cylinder, 1.8 Liter 122hp I-4, which is rather powerful and efficient. You will able to rely on it completely and conquer different types of roads in any weather. So, this Lotus Unspecified will definitely draw your attention and will make you want to purchase this vehicle.

Lotus Unspecified offers you a Automatic 5-speed transmission. This option provides good speed, convenient usage and reliability, so you can really enjoy driving your beautiful vehicle. No matter what transmission you prefer - automatic or manual - this one is sure to make your driving a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.

Depending on the engine your car is equipped with, you should always use suitable fuel. This car consumes Unspecified. It should be noted that this type of fuel is quite economic and eco-friendly. No matter what you use, though, your car will run smoothly and you will enjoy your drives to the full.

Personal Data

This Lotus Unspecified has so far covered -1. Though, you can be absolutely sure that this car is in good enough condition to travel many more miles. The price we offer you will definitely make up for everything and will leave you in no doubt about purchasing this automobile.

The Vehicle Identification Number also contains the very important set of information concerning the country of the car, its parental company, its drive train, type, gross weight, trim package, body style, engine power, year of construction, place of assembly, and, at last, the manufacturing number. The VIN of this model is .


Lotus Unspecified is a car of power, action and energy. This automobile is ready to show off its compact design, fascinating shape and smooth lines. The harmonious synthesis of beauty and functionality is not a simply a product of your imagination. This car is truly comfortable, spacious and safe!