Lexus SC 400 1995 $2,995

1FL Coupe

Lexus SC 400 1995 Photos

Body Style:
8-cylinder, 6.0ltr Vortec V-8
200 mi
Ext Color:

MINT MINT MINT!! 1995 Lexus SC400 in incredible shape for the year and mileage. The leather is clean, the interior is immaculate and the body is in great shape. The floor, and body is clean with no rust issues. NO ACCIDENTS and just passed inspection last month!! 259k miles, but dont let it fool you. This car has been babied and it shows. The motor and transmission are perfect!

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Lexus SC 400 1FL Review

Are you seeking for a new reliable car for you and your loved ones? If that is the case, the specifications of this Lexus SC 400 will not leave you indifferent and will make you plump for this particular vehicle. You will be impressed by its characteristics, engine and design.

Common Information

Lexus is a large manufacturer of different high quality vehicles (cars, buses, and trucks), construction equipment and power systems. This automaker has many subsidiary companies and has established a good reputation on the world market, producing excellent automobiles. The cars of this well-known company will always be in demand.

The Lexus SC 400 has been marketed for the customers who like something new and secure in the field of automobile industry. This model is intended personally for those who appreciate quality and comfort in one package. This is an improved variant of previous generations to go on sale for general availability.

The manufacturing of Lexus SC 400 took place in 1995. The model was created in view of previous work and after a series of technical lab and field tests. The Lexus SC 400 stands out due to its reliability, good quality, excellent design and elegant look. It will become a reliable companion in all your journeys.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

The body style attracts the eyes of any potential buyer, whether he or she is a know-nothing person or a professional connoisseur. If you’ve truly decided to purchase a Coupe, you’ll make the right choice with this car as it’s impossible to pass by it and stay indifferent.

It is not a secret that the exterior color of your automobile accentuates your own personal style. The color of this Lexus SC 400 is Unknown, which is exactly what you need and which will make everybody envy your perfect choice. This color will fill you with confidence and improve your mood by all means.

The Lexus SC 400 1FL is designed to be pleasing to the customers’ eyes. The finishing touches of the inside compartments give confidence to anybody driving this car. The shape, design, the colors of the exterior and interior contribute greatly to the automobile`s elegant image. This vehicle is a real pleasure to own!

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The engine of this marvelous car is a 8-cylinder, 6.0ltr Vortec V-8 that provides an excellent performance and noticeable fuel economy. This engine enables Lexus SC 400 to accelerate very quickly on any road and in any weather. It will be a pleasure for you and your family to drive this state-of-the-art vehicle.

An automatic or a manual gearbox is, of course, a matter of personal preference. The Lexus SC 400 features a Automatic transmission, which is quite easy to operate and provides additional flexibility and a higher level of fuel economy. With this Automatic transmission you can get an excellent travelling experience no matter what.

You can count the running costs of this vehicle beforehand, because it needs Gasoline and that, in its turn, stands for efficiency and power. With this type of engines the greater economy of petrol can be reached. Your car won`t make you face any break-downs and you will be satisfied with your new purchase.

Personal Data

This elegant and infallible Lexus SC 400 has covered 200. Nevertheless, we can promise you that this car is in good condition considering the number of miles it has travelled. In addition to it, we offer you a very reasonable price, which is sure to make you absolutely positive about purchasing this vehicle.

VIN is a special number used for identifying different motor vehicles. There are some standard components of the vehicle identification number – first numbers identify the manufacturer, the numbers that go next identify the type of the vehicle, the platform, the body style. The VIN of this car is .


Thus, Lexus SC 400 is a personification of its famous maker. It combines the highest achievements of engineering thought and technology and can easily be called a safe, comfortable and reliable vehicle that has everything you might need from a car. Make up your mind and choose this flagship model!