Hummer H2 SUT 2005 $69,995

Super Cab Lariat SUV

Hummer H2 SUT 2005 Photos

Body Style:
6-cylinder, 6.7L I6 24V DDI OHV Turbo Dies
16,214 mi
Ext Color:
Metallic-Pewterlambo Orange

SMA is the design and manufacturing guru of Hummer accessories, and Fox Racing is a dominant leader in the realm of motocross apparel and racing shocks. When two companies that are pretty savvy about giving people what they want put their heads together on a project, you can bet the results will be ground-breaking. When SMA teamed with Fox for the special edition H2, the goal was to create a new, unique style that combined elements of pure aggression, luxurious pride, and not-so-quiet sophistication. Making its public debut at the X Games in August 2004, the H2 also made appearances at the Off Road Expo in October and SEMA in November. The truck is striking in its color scheme alone: The two-tone metallic-pewter and Lamborghini Murcilago Orange is bold on the H2's rugged body. The lines were softened slightly by the guys at Orlando Auto Body, who smoothed and painted the moldings and bumpers. The exterior is decked-out with several of SMA's popular, all-purpose accessories including a black, powdercoated brushguard, an ultra-high-quality roof rack system, and a roof-mounted lightbar. The billet aluminum grille, door handles, and fuel ring are finished in SMA's titanium coat providing a classy touch with a show-quality feel. On the hood, a 15.5x37-inch panel insert proudly displays the Fox Racing logo. Read more: The H2's factory suspension is already designed for all-terrain functionality, so this model has just a few extras. Height is added with a Rancho 4-inch suspension lift. Rancho adjustable shocks provide a smoother ride on and off the road, while SMA's billet control arms add functionality and style. The team also installed a Hellwig sway bar to maintain even weight distribution on harsh surfaces. Weld's steel alloy Commando wheels and tough BFGoodrich tires are the final jewels of the H2's all-terrain package. The original ebony interior now sparkles with SMA's billet products in a titanium finish. The shift knob, gauges, vent trim rings, pedals, and doorsills are constructed of SMA's 6061 T-6 aircraft billet aluminum. The Fox Racing logo, emulating quality under the most extreme conditions, appears throughout the interior on the door buckets, doorsills, headrests, and instrument panel. Sound Xpressions in Phoenix was in charge of installing the audio/video system. The entertainment system is designed to provide the latest amenities without taking away from the space and functionality of the vehicle. You won't find speakers where the seats should be, because these H2s are made to be driven and enjoyed. The system includes high-quality Rockford Fosgate components and a DVD player. The Rockford source unit provides a 7-inch in-dash screen and built-in TV Tuner. VizuaLogic headrests replace the factory units for the benefit of the backseat passengers. So there would be no lack of entertainment, the team added a Sirius satellite radio for access to 120 commercial-free channels. Two 10-inch Rockford Fosgate subwoofers hide out in a custom wood and fiberglass enclosure under the rear seats. The box was designed and placed to allow proper function of the midgate. Extra audio power is provided by two Rockford Fosgate amplifiers. The standard '05 H2 is powered by GM's 6.0L V-8 engine, generating 325 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque, but as with the rest of the vehicle, the engine was beefed up to make it really haul. For a little extra punch on the pedal, SMA and Fox installed a Magnuson Radix intercooled supercharger system. The extra horses are handy, whether you're off-roading, or towing your boat to the river. Magnuson's supercharger kits are the most efficient forced air induction systems on the market, and they're designed specifically for long-term use. Also installed are SMA's aftermarket cold-air intake and B&B exhaust. The upgraded engine now puts out 500 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque.

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Hummer H2 SUT Super Cab Lariat Review

We all know that before choosing a car that is right for you, the best thing is to check its specifications, see if all of them satisfy your requirements and whether the pros outweigh the cons. Undoubtedly, Hummer H2 SUT will draw your attention by its fine characteristics and beautiful shape.

Common Information

Hummer is a large manufacturer of different high quality vehicles (cars, buses, and trucks), construction equipment and power systems. This automaker has many subsidiary companies and has established a good reputation on the world market, producing excellent automobiles. The cars of this well-known company will always be in demand.

Hummer H2 SUT is a vehicle associated with high speed, economy and enjoyment. The manufacturer positions it as a powerful car, but economical at the same time. Everyone who has taken it to a test drive knows that it stands apart from other cars thanks to its dynamics and maneuverability.

Since its first debut on the car market this model has been highly praised by its buyers. It has received a number of special awards for the safety it provides, for the best engine and for its good appearance. This Hummer H2 SUT offered to you was manufactured in 2005.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

You should remember that a body style plays a crucial role in a car purchase. It defines the “filling” of an automobile and usually counts for your first impressions which are considered to be the strongest ones. The body style of this vehicle is SUV, which is definitely useful, comfortable and attractive.

The Hummer H2 SUT comes in Metallic-Pewterlambo Orange, which definitely brings out its elegance and efficiency and also emphasizes good designer solutions of the developers. This is a versatile color, which is popular among a great number of car owners. Besides, Metallic-Pewterlambo Orange doesn`t clash with the color of the passenger compartment.

The Hummer H2 SUT Super Cab Lariat is a functional car that stands out among the other automobiles and makes a real difference. This vehicle emphasizes the status of the owner and provides speed, comfort and efficiency. Beyond any doubt, you will enjoy driving Hummer H2 SUT Super Cab Lariat, the car you have always dreamt about!

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

This wonderful car is provided with 6-cylinder, 6.7L I6 24V DDI OHV Turbo Dies engine. As you can guess, it proves that you can subdue the roads even in bad weather, drive fast and accelerate practically right away. This engine can be very efficient and doesn`t ever fail. Now you will definitely get everywhere much quicker.

An automatic or a manual gearbox is, of course, a matter of personal preference. The Hummer H2 SUT features a Automatic transmission, which is quite easy to operate and provides additional flexibility and a higher level of fuel economy. With this Automatic transmission you can get an excellent travelling experience no matter what.

This vehicle uses Gasoline. Therefore this car is not only eco-friendly, but also efficient and economical and will serve you in faith and truth for a long time. Always make sure that you buy the suitable type of fuel for your automobile, so that there isn`t any troubles with the engine and other parts.

Personal Data

Our reliable Hummer H2 SUT has travelled about 16214. However, we assure you that this vehicle is in perfect condition and is ready to cover a great number of miles in the future. Besides, the price offered will leave you in no doubt about buying this Hummer H2 SUT 2005.

The VIN of this model is SMAFox360H2ForSal and it is etched inside the passenger compartment. This unique number serves as an identifier for the car in case it is stolen or needs some spare parts. The VIN reflects important information about your vehicle (serial number, make, assembly, platform, country etc.)


Thus, Hummer H2 SUT is a personification of its famous maker. It combines the highest achievements of engineering thought and technology and can easily be called a safe, comfortable and reliable vehicle that has everything you might need from a car. Make up your mind and choose this flagship model!