DeTomaso Pantera 1972 $56,500

Unknown Sports Car

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Body Style:
Sports Car
4-cylinder, 1.5 Liter 4 Cylinder Engine
39,760 mi
Ext Color:

This car still retains it's classic look, while modern upgrades add to it's awesome performance., , Just for information, this is a great example of early 70's race cars made for the street. It is and will always be the most affordable "super car". It can compete head to head with any cars of the era. And now that we are in the year 2010, it makes even more sense. With all of the new technology available today, they can be upgraded "very reasonably" and be able to keep up the latest range of super cars. Since this car has such a strong following, any and all of the parts needed to restore and maintain these cars are easily available. I had an 82 corvette and had more trouble locating parts than with this 72 Pantera. For the price that a Ferrari or Porsche owner pays for a tune up, a Pantera owner can buy a brand new engine, (and this one puts out just under 600 h.p.) and since this car is a 72, there are no emission controls. , , • New engine from Ford Performance 11.5: 1 compression ratio, roller rockers and full blueprint, new clutch, 2,800 miles since build. , • High-torque starter, • 180-degree headers, ceramic coated., • Transmission pulled; checked out, ring gear safety wired., • Fluidyne aluminum high performance radiator system with two fans (and two solenoids)., • 2 shut off valves for heater lines (required for running on the track)., • Stainless Steel Pressure and overflow tanks, overflow tank has coolant level site glass., • Stainless steel coolant lines., • Replaced heater lines to passenger compartment with copper., • Hall double adjustable shocks and stiffer springs., • Hall Corvette brake upgrade (so that now it really can stop), • All suspension components have been powder coated., • 1-inch sway bars, solid front and hollow rear, both with spherical bushings., • 4-piece frame support kit., • All exterior parts were either chromed, polished or powder coated., • Hall Pantera white face gauges (still have originals)., • Saddle tan leather interior (much cooler in the summer)., • Smoothed and Rhino Lined engine compartment (replicates the original finish but is stronger, more durable, and just better looking)., • Vader racing window regulators (Solves all the problems with the stock regulator. Raises and lowers the window completely in about 2 seconds, and the windows go all of the way down. Weighs ½ the original regulator and motor assembly. Uses modern cable drive)., • Wilkinson removable steering wheel (have original, missing cover)., • Custom battery mount., • Custom American Racing wheels17 x 8 in front, 17x 12 in the rear (have original wheels, powder coated, with the last of the OEM tires)., • Comments: We like this car a whole lot. It has a lot of great improvements. This is a performance car by all means but built for comfort and speed. The paintwork is presentable but there are some minor defects and a small door dings. The color chosen for this car was a metallic blue that in the sun is the original color, it is a beautiful color. The A\C system is intact, and installed, and has been updated with a rotary compressor. There is no radio, with a car like this the motor is all the music you want or need. The rear deck struts still hold open, so no prop stick needed to look at the engine! , While this car still hast the original seats, it also includes a set of corvette seats which have been re-covered in the same leather as the, but have not been installed., This included a large number of parts that were retained while the car was being updated, including the fiberglass trunk, the original wheels with the last set of BF Goodrich tires that were made to fit the Panteras stock rear wheels., The price for this car is $56,500, or best offer. This will also include a car cover to keep it clean. You know you want this, what are you waiting for. Now you can have it, and make your friends envious! , We need to move this out to make room for projects coming in! We will entertain any reasonable offer!

  • 2 Door
  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • Manual Transmission
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Custom Wheels
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bucket Seats
  • Center Console
  • Power Windows

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San Diego, California 92126
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DeTomaso Pantera Unknown Review

Tired of public transport and endless walking? Want to spend less time commuting and more time with your family and friends? DeTomaso Pantera – is the answer! This car will make your life much easier and more comfortable and you are sure to fall in love with it from the first sight.

Common Information

To begin with, we would like to remind you that DeTomaso is a brand of good quality utility vehicles, minivans, and automobiles marketed and manufactured all over the world. The company has an excellent reputation and is constantly trying something new in its production process to withstand the fierce competition.

This DeTomaso Pantera meets all the requirements of the consumers who like reliability, as well as lusciousness. Within the production stages, the model has been changed for the better owing to the smart engineering solutions and designers of DeTomaso sharing their ideas to embody them in such a gimmick.

This sleek and compact model was manufactured in 1972 and has been in demand ever since. Following its release date DeTomaso Pantera has acquired popularity and respect and has been sold in many countries of the world. You can purchase this car very simply by ordering it and it will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

This DeTomaso Pantera Sports Car is equally easy to maneuver on highways, city and cross-country roads. The main characteristics of this body style are stability, ride quality and agility. The lovers of speed should take it on a test drive to check its capabilities and enjoy the speed it can make.

The DeTomaso Pantera is available in Blue, which is rather a universal color liked by many people. This shade is sure to accentuate your good taste, your elegant lifestyle and your social standing. The Blue is not too bright, it doesn`t irritate the eyes and goes well with the car`s interior.

This DeTomaso Pantera Unknown is an optimum combination of technology and design. New materials, original colors of the seats and trimming of doors conform to the modern traditions of car design. In this good quality car you will feel like a different person and you will be able to travel as far as you want.

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The engine of this marvelous car is a 4-cylinder, 1.5 Liter 4 Cylinder Engine that provides an excellent performance and noticeable fuel economy. This engine enables DeTomaso Pantera to accelerate very quickly on any road and in any weather. It will be a pleasure for you and your family to drive this state-of-the-art vehicle.

The automakers have not only produced a luxurious exterior of the car, but also provided their customers with an excellent SMG transmission. This transmission simplifies the life of the driver, it is easy to use, it allows for good speed and acceleration. The shifting of gears won`t be a problem anymore, just lean back and enjoy your drive!

You can count the running costs of this vehicle beforehand, because it needs Gasoline and that, in its turn, stands for efficiency and power. With this type of engines the greater economy of petrol can be reached. Your car won`t make you face any break-downs and you will be satisfied with your new purchase.

Personal Data

This elegant and infallible DeTomaso Pantera has covered 39760. Nevertheless, we can promise you that this car is in good condition considering the number of miles it has travelled. In addition to it, we offer you a very reasonable price, which is sure to make you absolutely positive about purchasing this vehicle.

The VIN of this model is and it is etched inside the passenger compartment. This unique number serves as an identifier for the car in case it is stolen or needs some spare parts. The VIN reflects important information about your vehicle (serial number, make, assembly, platform, country etc.)


DeTomaso Pantera is a car of power, action and energy. This automobile is ready to show off its compact design, fascinating shape and smooth lines. The harmonious synthesis of beauty and functionality is not a simply a product of your imagination. This car is truly comfortable, spacious and safe!