Chevrolet Blazer 2000 $-1

King Ranch Diesel Unspecified

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Body Style:
8-cylinder, DOHC 32V V8
146,136 mi
Ext Color:

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Chevrolet Blazer King Ranch Diesel Review

If you really need a perfect car, you should better focus your efforts on search of a Chevrolet Blazer that we offer you at our auto shop. But first of all we would recommend you to learn some details concerning this efficient car. Just relax and imagine that your dreams have already come true.

Common Information

To begin with, we would like to remind you that Chevrolet is a brand of good quality utility vehicles, minivans, and automobiles marketed and manufactured all over the world. The company has an excellent reputation and is constantly trying something new in its production process to withstand the fierce competition.

Chevrolet Blazer is a good example of craftsmanship and beauty on the outside, as well as on the inside. This car can admit your whole family and provides enough room for their belongings. Chevrolet Blazer gives you control over tight corners and an opportunity to drive in comfort and style.

Since its first debut on the car market this model has been highly praised by its buyers. It has received a number of special awards for the safety it provides, for the best engine and for its good appearance. This Chevrolet Blazer offered to you was manufactured in 2000.

Body Styles And Trim Levels

The body style attracts the eyes of any potential buyer, whether he or she is a know-nothing person or a professional connoisseur. If you’ve truly decided to purchase a Unspecified, you’ll make the right choice with this car as it’s impossible to pass by it and stay indifferent.

It is not a secret that the exterior color of your automobile accentuates your own personal style. The color of this Chevrolet Blazer is Gold, which is exactly what you need and which will make everybody envy your perfect choice. This color will fill you with confidence and improve your mood by all means.

This Chevrolet Blazer King Ranch Diesel is an optimum combination of technology and design. New materials, original colors of the seats and trimming of doors conform to the modern traditions of car design. In this good quality car you will feel like a different person and you will be able to travel as far as you want.

Powertrains, Performance And Fuel Type

The model comes equipped with an 8-cylinder, DOHC 32V V8. This type of engines is rather powerful and can gather high speed without much delay. The 8-cylinder, DOHC 32V V8 in Chevrolet Blazer achieves great rates of efficiency and can`t help being a pleasure to the owner. From now on you will definitely reach all your destinations on time.

The automakers have not only produced a luxurious exterior of the car, but also provided their customers with an excellent Unknown transmission. This transmission simplifies the life of the driver, it is easy to use, it allows for good speed and acceleration. The shifting of gears won`t be a problem anymore, just lean back and enjoy your drive!

The car owner will have to fill the tank of this efficient car with Gasoline, which is not only cheap, but also enhances the characteristics of the automobile`s power and performance. You should always keep in mind that using the suitable kind of fuel is your first consideration no matter what.

Personal Data

This elegant and infallible Chevrolet Blazer has covered 146136. Nevertheless, we can promise you that this car is in good condition considering the number of miles it has travelled. In addition to it, we offer you a very reasonable price, which is sure to make you absolutely positive about purchasing this vehicle.

Each car has a unique number, which singles out one car from the rest. It is given to specify different parameters of the vehicle, like make, city, place of assembly, platform, etc. It is also used to prevent car theft (the number is etched on the car windows, so that before selling the vehicle the thieves would have to dismantle the windows). The VIN for this model is .


If you want to be able to drive smoothly in any weather conditions, reach your destinations on time and conquer any city or country road, this dream car is definitely for you. This Chevrolet Blazer will produce a great impression on all your friends and will raise your self-esteem.